Windermere Brewing Co. our award-winning microbrewery based here at The Watermill Inn
Windermere Brewing Co. our award-winning microbrewery based here at The Watermill Inn BUY CASES OF OUR BEERS

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The dream of having our own micro-brewery, started many years ago. 1986 to be exact. My Dad ( Alan) and I, were sat at the pub 1 mile down the road from ours (it used to be traditional to drink in another Landlords pub alot!) we were planning our iminment move back home to the Lake district from Cornwood in Devon. No matter what type of pub we ended up with it had to have or have space for a brewery …

11th May 1987 we moved into Millholme Country Hotel – a nine bedroomed guest house.
(now called The Watermill).

Three years later we gained a full licence and on the 8th December 1990 the Watermill Inn was born. We always wanted to brew on-site but sewerage drainage had always been a problem.

We campaigned for many years for mains drains for Ings village to North West Water who then became United Utilities. But they as usual, found a get out clause, we had to invest in a sixty thousand pound treatment tank to keep the pub running and of course prepare for brewing.

The final piece of the eventual jigsaw was an other extention to house the kit which I bought over the web from Atlanta Georgia USA, I packed it into a shipping container in Toccoa Georgia and then unloaded it in November 2005 outside the pub with a lot of help.

A massive thanks to all who push pulled and got extremely wet all day.

Originally it was housed in a Hops Bar & Grill Brew Pub in Daytona Florida.

The rest as they say is history …

Please enjoy the photos, pump clips and tasting notes.


Toccoa, Georgia USA
Loading the shipping container in 90 degrees heat
Toccoa, South Carolina, Sea, Felixstowe Leeds and finally Ings in 5 degrees gale! Our container arrives at the Watermill
Carefully unloading the goods
Oops! the brew kit is to tall for the new brewery building, but it's worth the effort for great beer
One small step for mankind, one small slip for disaster
Brewery vessels converted to suit UK brewing style
Brew No 1 - 4th July 2006 Collie Wobbles 3.7%
Collie Wobbles 3.7%


Our brewery is a 5 barrel micro brewery situated at the award winning Lakeland real ale pub, The Watermill Inn. We are located in the Village of Ings, 2 miles east of Lake Windermere in the Lake District.
We use only the finest ingredients in our beers.
Quality without compromise!

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